Please note that the MINIMUM course load is 1 class and the MAXIMUM is 2 classes.
Only students enrolled in the Rome and Venice Optional trips can also enroll in the 1 credit course AVC 4800 - Intro to Italian art (a 3000 words paper is required)

This course is recommended for students with an interest in contemporary Italian culture and style. The course focuses on aspects of post-war Italian culture including cuisine, fashion, religious beliefs and the persistence of superstition. Lectures cover topics such as the role of women, food and wine as cultural traditions, the effect of social change, and culture and style. Lectures are supported by field visits, food and wine tasting sessions, and audio-visual materials.

Prerequisites: TBD

This course helps students to develop their ability to communicate effectively and accurately, using an expanded range of vocabulary. Conversation practice improves listening and interpretation skills for better understanding and response. Reading and writing exercises improve skills in understanding prose and writing letters and simple messages. 
ITL 3832, Elementary Italian II

A thorough, basic introduction to the Italian language for those with little or no previous experience, the course teaches essential vocabulary and grammar and develops students’ ability to communicate in an authentic linguistic context – key to making the most of the experience of their stay in Italy.